Let Sound Access partner with your company or organization to bring hearing services  to your group, with opportunities for hearing examinations, hearing wellness education, and ear mold impressions and hearing protection fittings.  We would love to attend your next event, including expos, health and wellness fairs, and concerts and music festivals to bring participants hearing wellness information and services.

Hearing Aid Services
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During a tinnitus evaluation at Sound Access you will receive a full diagnostic hearing test, including extended high frequency testing and middle ear testing. Testing will also include measurements of your subjective perception of the tinnitus sound; assessment of the minimum masking level, the volume at which an external narrowband noise masks the perception of your tinnitus; loudness discomfort level, the volume at which external sound becomes uncomfortable or painful; and assessments to measure the tinnitus burden on your daily life. At Sound Access your results will be explained to you in detail. 

Cerumen, or earwax, is naturally produced by the ears and helps to lubricate our ear canals and prevent debris from getting too far down the ear canal. Earwax typically clears itself from our ears, but in some instances earwax can accumulate, especially if you wear earplugs, in-ear monitors, or hearing aids for long periods. Too much earwax can cause earache, tinnitus, decreased hearing, or ear fullness. If a blockage occurs, it may need to be removed, especially before an ear mold impression can be taken or before testing your hearing. Depending on the severity of the blockage this can be done by our audiologist.  

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Middle Ear Testing
Tinnitus Management

​Sound Access offers hearing protection verification services. We have testing measures available that will verify that your hearing protection is doing what it is intended to do at the attenuation level prescribed. We can also help you with proper insertion of your hearing protection and we provide education on safe listening practices. 

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Hearing Healthcare Education


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In-Ear Monitor Cleaning Services

Aural Rehabilitation 

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Hearing Examinations

If you suspect you may have a hearing loss, Sound Access offers comprehensive hearing testing.  If it is determined that hearing aids are right for you, our audiologist will assess your daily listening requirements and establish your listening goals to help you select the best device(s) for you. Our audiologist takes the time to listen to you and personalize your treatment to meet your unique listening needs.  We also offer demonstrations of hearing aids we carry so you can be sure that you are making the best choice for your hearing needs. 

Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aid Consultations & Evaluations 

Earwax Removal 

Part of every hearing examination at Sound Access includes middle ear testing. Tympanometry is a safe way to take objective measures of the middle ear system. The tympanometer records the energy transmission (admittance) and plots results on a graph (tympanogram).  Tympanometry provides information to help detect conditions or disorders of the middle ear.  Acoustic reflex (the reflexive contraction of the middle-ear muscles in response to certain sound stimulation) measurements provide information about the middle and inner ear, as well as eighth and seventh nerve pathways. 

In-Ear Monitor Services

Hearing Protection Verification

Extended High Frequency Testing

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​Sound Access offers in-ear monitor decibel (dB) checks to assess how loud you are listening to your in-ear monitors. We use a sound level analyzer to take an in-line measurement of  your in-ear monitors or headphones to analyze and display the real-time and average dBA-SPL levels and safe listening times with both earpieces in place. We can test over 140 earphones  from 12 major manufacturers. 

Dr. Gleghorn is available to discuss a wide range of topics related to your hearing healthcare, including hearing loss prevention, risk of noise induced hearing loss in industry and risk of music induced hearing loss. In addition to contacting her individually to have your questions answered, she is available to come speak to your organization, class, club, association, company, or other group in person or virtually.  

Hearing Protection Verification
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Hearing Healthcare Education

In-Ear Monitor dB Check

Middle Ear Testing

Ear Mold Impression

Product Consultations & Demonstrations

A traditional hearing examination tests the octave frequency bands  of 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, and 8000 Hz, as well as inter-octave bands at 3000 Hz and 6000 Hz and, if needed at 750 and  1500 Hz. At Sound Access we recognize that many of the individuals we work with are interested in knowing how they are hearing past 8000 Hz. We offer testing in the extended high frequency range with testing at 9000, 10000, 11200, 12500, 14000, 16000, 18000, and 20000 Hz. Testing extended high frequencies can be useful in developing your unique hearing healthcare wellness plan.

At Sound Access your results will be explained to you in detail and you will be given a copy of your audiogram (a graphic representation of your results). 

Tinnitus Management 

Ear mold impressions

Sound Access will travel to you. Venues, rehearsal spaces, studios, offices, or other arrangements can be made for ear mold impressions, product demonstrations, and even hearing examinations. Serving St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Arrangements can also be made for appointments in Springfield, MO. Other  locations may be available upon request. 

(Additional travel fees may apply). 

Sound Access Audiology

Sound Access offers aural rehabilitation services. Aural rehabilitation is a person-centered approach to the management of hearing loss in a therapeutic environment meant to encourage a shared decision process for creating treatment goals to reduce the impact of hearing loss on communication and activities. Aural rehabilitation goes beyond fitting hearing aids and focuses on treatment procedures, education, auditory training, and alternative devices that lessen the impact of hearing loss. 

Sound Access offers comprehensive hearing aid services including hearing aid demonstrations, electroacoustic analysis, real ear measurements and verification, hearing aid clean and checks, facilitation of repairs and replacement parts, hearing aid programming and re-programming, accessory pairing and use instruction, hearing aid outcome assessments, and more. 

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Mobile Services

Sound Access offers cleaning and care services for your custom or universal-fit in-ear monitors. We will clean any wax and debris out of the earpieces using a vacuum pump designed for use with electronic earpieces. We will use a drying system to remove moisture build-up inside the earpieces. Your in-ear monitors will also get a once over with cleaning cloths safe to use on in-ears. Keeping your in-ears dry and clear of wax and debris is essential to increasing their longevity and performance, so make sure to ask about products we offer that you can use day-to-day to take care of your monitors in between cleanings with us. 

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Your hearing is important. It is recommended that you receive a full diagnostic hearing test annually. A hearing test includes otoscopy-a visual inspection of your ear canal using an otoscope; pure tone audiometry-a tonal response test to determine hearing sensitivity and, in the the case of hearing loss, to determine the type; and speech audiometry-a speech understanding test used to predict how well you understand words at a comfortable loudness level.  

At Sound Access your hearing test results will be explained to you in detail and you will be given a copy of your audiogram (a graphic representation of your results). 

Tinnitus Evaluation

At Sound Access, we understands that tinnitus is a complex and individualized condition, that can have significant impact on your daily life and we are committed to offering personalized solutions tailored to your unique experience. Through thorough assessments, we work to identify the underlying factors contributing to your tinnitus and develop a targeted management plan. Our services encompass a range of evidence-based techniques, including sound therapy, counseling, and the integration of specialized devices to help alleviate the perception of tinnitus and enhance your overall well-being.  At Sound Access, we strive to empower you with effective tools and support on your journey towards a more peaceful and harmonious auditory experience. 

The ear mold impression process is vital for fitting custom ear pieces. Ear mold impressions must be done correctly to guarantee proper fit allowing your ear pieces and/or monitors to function properly. Ear mold impressions should be done by a skilled practitioner to ensure safety and accuracy. Our audiologist, Dr. Gleghorn, has training and experience in making proper impressions of your ear. 

​As part of our audiology services, Sound Access offers product consultations and demonstrations. We have a wide range of custom and universal-fit products, including hearing protection, musician in-ear monitors, earphones, sleep plugs, swim plugs, communication adapter earpieces, stethoscope adapters, racing headsets, hearing aids, and amplification devices.  Sound Access has models and demos available of the products we carry, as well as expert advise to make sure you find the right product to meet your listening needs.

Tinnitus Evaluations