Hearing Aid Evaluations:

  • Our comprehensive evaluations assess your hearing needs. Based on your hearing aid evaluation, lifestyle, and preferences we help guide you in selecting the best hearing aid or amplification solution for you. 

Hearing Aid Demonstrations:

  • Experience the latest hearing aid technology through personalized demonstrations, helping you make informed decisions about your hearing care.

Hearing Aid Fittings:

  • Our audiologist specializes in precise and customized hearing aid fittings to ensure optimal performance and comfort.

​Hearing Aid Programming and Re-Programming: 

  • Hearing aid programming involves fine-tuning various parameters, such as volume, frequency response, and speech processing, to address individual hearing challenges and enhance overall listening experiences.
  • Over time, your hearing needs may change. Our audiologist offers regular re-programming services to adapt your hearing aids to any shifts in your hearing ability, ensuring continued effectiveness and maximum benefit.
  • We prioritize open communication and collaboration, actively involving you in the programming and re-programming processes to ensure your satisfaction and confidence in your hearing aids.

Electrical Acoustic Analysis: 

  • ​Hearing aid electroacoustic analysis involves evaluating the technical performance of your hearing aids, ensuring they meet prescribed acoustic specifications and deliver the best possible amplification.

Real Ear Measurements:

  • Real ear measurements assess how your hearing aids interact with your unique ear anatomy.
  • Utilizing real ear measurements to fine-tune your hearing aids helps ensure optimal performance and a tailored listening experience.

Hearing Aid Verification:

  • We offer verification services to confirm the effectiveness of your hearing aids and make adjustments as needed.

Aural Rehabilitation: 

  • Beyond hearing aids, we offer aural rehabilitation programs to enhance your communication skills and to help you adapt to hearing aids effectively.
  • You will be guided through a personalized journey of enhancing your auditory skills, communication strategies, and overall hearing health. 

Repair and Maintenance:

  • Our audiologist offers prompt and reliable hearing aid repair services, ensuring that your devices continue to perform at their best.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance services are also available that can help extend the life of your hearing aids.

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For a complete list and brief description of all of our services: 

 Audiology best practices encompass a set of guidelines and standards designed to ensure optimal care and outcomes for individuals with hearing loss. In the context of hearing aids, these practices involve comprehensive assessments, personalized fittings, and ongoing adjustments to meet the unique needs of each individual. Best practices also emphasize patient education, counseling, and thorough follow-up care to maximize the effectiveness of hearing aids. Regular evaluations, adherence to ethical standards, and staying informed about technological advancements are integral elements of audiology best practices for hearing aids. The goal is to provide individuals with not just devices but a tailored and holistic approach to improve their hearing and overall quality of life.At Sound Access, we adhere to audiology best practices to ensure the highest quality of care for our patients.​​​​

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Audiology best practices

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Hearing aid services

Your journey to better hearing starts at Sound Access. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled hearing aid services tailored to your unique needs. Our expert audiologist and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that you receive the highest standard of care throughout your hearing aid journey.