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Sound Access

SENSAPHONICS In-ear monitors

Silicone Superiority

All Sensaphonics earphones are hand-built from soft-gel, medical-grade silicone, offering several distinct advantages: 

  • Superior long-wearing comfort
  • ​Maximum isolation (up to 37 dB) from ambient sound
  • Maintains a perfect seal even during excess jaw movement
  • ​Durability-silicone acts as a shock absorber for speakers
  • Never cracks, shrinks, or degrades in any way
  • ​Transparent earphones virtually disappear in the ear for improved cosmetics (or choose from a variety of custom colors)
  • ​Allows full-impact monitoring at lower volume levels for better performances and increased safety over hard-shell in-ear devices

Field-Replaceable Cable

​Rather than a socket system that can come loose, the in-ear monitor cables are secured to the earpieces by a small nylon screw. The cables are tough and reliable, yet lightweight and flexible-perfect for life on the road. (Continuous or 50" breakaway options available). 



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About Sensaphonics

In 1985 audiologist Michael Santucci founded Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation as a research and development company committed to controlling the damaging effects of loud sounds, especially regarding musicians and hearing loss. With the development of stereo, wireless in-ear monitor systems in the early 90's, Sensaphonics developed custom-fitted earphones designed to act as hearing protection. As the only custom earphones manufacturer founded and operated by a practicing audiologist, Sensaphonics is uniquely qualified to provide safe, high fidelity audio. Sensaphonics focuses on designing and building the best-sounding, most comfortable, and safest custom earphones available.

Sensaphonics in-ear ear monitors feature precision balanced armature speakers, designed to deliver reference-quality audio in a sealed system. With a higher isolation and superior seal, Sensaphonics silicone earphones turn the ear canal into a tiny "isolation booth", virtually unaffected by the outside world. This combination maximizes the signal-to-noise ratio, allowing high resolution monitoring at safer volume settings.