PS 1000 Wireless Transmitter

PS 1000 Wireless Receiver 

P3R $399.00/P3RA $499.00


ew 300-2 IEM G3

Wireless Monitoring Kit Dual Receivers

PS 900 Wireless Transmitter

in-ear monitor systems


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EK 300 IEM G3


ew 300 IEM G3

Wireless Stereo Monitoring Kit


The PSM®900 Wireless Personal Monitor System offers a combination of superb audio quality and robust RF performance  for professional applications. CueMode allows the sound engineer to monitor different stage mixes with the touch of a button. Precision front-end RF filtering signicantly reduces drop-outs from RF interference, and the enhanced digital stereo encoder provides excellent stereo separation and audio clarity.  

PS 300 Wireless Transmitter




PSM 900

Wireless In-Ear Monitoring Kit




The PSM®300 Stereo Personal Monitor System delivers detailed 24-bit digital audio and reliable wireless freedom to every corner of the stage. Dependable wireless coverage extends over 300 ft (90 m) of range and eliminates dropouts. Easy to setup and operate, offering one-touch frequency scan and sync to find and assign a clean wireless channel. 

PSM 1000

Wireless In-Ear Monitoring Kit

SR 300 IEM G3


PSM 300

Wireless In-Ear Monitoring Kit


PS 900 Wireless Receiver 

PS 300 Wireless Receiver 


Featuring an adaptive-diversity receiver, the receiver pack uses the headphone cable as a secondary antenna for flawless reception. Pass-through outputs allow easy splitting of the input signal to travel to other devices. The entire set can be monitored and remotely controlled with Sennheiser's "Wireless Systems Manager" software due to the built-in Ethernet port on the stereo transmitter.



The PSM®1000 Personal Monitor System features a full-rack, dual-channel, networkable transmitter ideally suited for the demands of professional touring and installation applications, and the diversity bodypack receiver delivers pristine RF signal and audio quality. Networkability over Ethernet connection enables remote control of transmitter functions and comprehensive frequency coordination via Wireless Workbench® 6 software.


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