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JERRY HARVEY AUDIO In-ear monitors

Jerry Harvey Technologies​

​D.O.M.E (Dual Opposed Mid Enclosure)

​The Lola in-ear monitors feature dual low and quad high balanced armature drivers and dual dynamic 4.9mm drivers that utilize D.O.M.E Midrange Enclosure Technology. Jerry sourced 4.9mm dynamic drivers and designed a phase-correct band pass enclosure to house them inside the Lola™. This tuned enclosure is custom 3D printed in the lab and holds two 4.9mm dynamic drivers that oppose each other, giving Lola a 9.8mm effective midrange driver in a small package.

frēqphase Time | Phase Waveguide

frēqphase™ time phase steel tube waveguide corrects time and phase of multiple drivers. By reengineering how and when sound is traveling to the ear, the waveguide, JH Audio created the first phase coherent earphone by delivering the low, mid, and high frequencies to your ear at once. 

soundrIVe Quad Driver Technology

Jerry Harvey Audio's proprietary mini quad drivers.

Variable Bass Output Adjustable Cable

User controlled low frequency drivers with adjustable bass output. 

​JH Audo custom in-ear monitors offer superior noise isolation, eliminating stage volume and ambient noise, critical for performing musicians and audiophiles alike. This extreme ability to block outside sounds enhances the listening experience and allows for lower listening levels reducing the potential for hearing damage. 

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A St. Louis native, Jerry Harvey grew up with a passion for music and a flare for audio. That passion combined with an eagerness to learn allowed him to turn running sound in local venues into touring with some of the biggest names in music history. In 1994-1995, in-ear monitor technology was in its infancy. As Van Halen’s monitor engineer, Jerry was presented with a challenge to find in-ear technology that would work for drummer Alex Van Halen.  Jerry funneled his experience tuning large arena sound systems and engineered the first 2-way, custom-fit earpiece just for Alex. Before long, Harvey was designing and manufacturing in-ear monitors for touring musicians, crew, and soon audiophiles. 

Jerry Harvey History

1994-1995 Engineers the first 2-way, custom-fit earpiece specially designed for Alex Van Halen. Jerry founds his own company, Ultimate Ears.

1998  Creates the first dual low balanced armature (BA) design and the first triple BA IEM with dual low BA and single high BA.

2004 Designs the first hybrid IEM with a single low diaphragm and single BA.

 2005 Logitech acquires Ultimate Ears. Jerry continued to work as one of the top Monitor Engineers in the touring industry.

 2006 Designs the first band pass subdual BA and the first quad BA IEM with dual low BA, single mid BA, and single high BA.

2007 Jerry Harvey Audio got its start with Jerry designing and manufacturing three models of groundbreaking communication in-ear headsets for private pilots.

2009 Creates the first dual high BA design, first dual mid BA design, and first six BA IEM. Launches the Jerry Harvey Audio Pro Series.

2010 Designs the first quad low BA design and first eight BA IEM.  Jerry Harvey Audio aviation line was discontinued to focus on music.

2011 Designs the Tri-amp Inverse Active Crossover Amplifier.

2012 Designs the Time and Phase Wave Guide freqlphase™.   Wins Popular Science Invention of the Year for JH13Pro/JH16Pro.

2013 Creates the first quad high BA design, first quad mid BA design, first bass adjustable IEM cable, first 4-pin Locking Connector, first 12 BA IEM.

​Reference: Jerry Harvey Audio