All custom products, like hearing protection and in-ear monitors, requires an evaluation and a consultation with our audiologist, as well as ear mold impressions. All hearing aid and amplification products require an evaluation and consultation with our audiologist. For universal-fit orders, you can schedule an appointment or contact us at 314-313-2289 for ordering options. 

Product frequently asked questions


Yes, we offer accessories for all of the products we carry including, replacement cables for in-ear monitors; filters for Musician Earplugs, Pulse Earplugs and TRU Earplugs, as well as filters for Westone Audio EAS monitors; cleaning and care items; replacement cords and tubing for applicable earpieces; replacement universal-fit ear tips; hearing aid accessories; assistive listening devices; and more. 

Are your services and products covered by insurance?

  • Some of the services we provide may be covered by your individual health insurance plan; however, the majority of services and products we provide are not typically covered by insurance. Insurance does not generally cover devices such as hearing protection or in-ear monitors. 

Does insurance cover hearing tests?

  • Some insurance plans do offer coverage for hearing testing. 
  • Preventative or wellness hearing testing is not always covered by insurance. At Sound Access, we believe that, when possible, you should get a baseline hearing test before hearing loss occurs and we believe that you should have your hearing tested annually, even if you aren't noticing changes in your hearing because subtle changes in hearing are often not very noticeable in our day-to-day.
  • Some private insurance companies do not cover hearing testing at all, even when you are showing signs of hearing loss.
  • At Sound Access we don't want the care you receive to be restricted by what your heath insurance will cover. We keep our prices for testing and evaluations affordable.
  • By keeping testing affordable Sound Access can provide those who are uninsured or those with plans that do not cover hearing testing the option of a provider that has reasonable self-pay costs for hearing healthcare. 

Does insurance over hearing aids?

  • Some insurance providers do cover hearing aids; however, many only cover a portion of the cost, with large co-pays you are required to cover and the insurance company often restricts which brands and levels of technology you can be fit with.
  • Traditional Medicare does not offer coverage for hearing aids, hearing aid evaluations, or hearing aid services.
  • At Sound Access we don't want the care you receive to be restricted by what your heath insurance will cover. We strive to keep our hearing aid prices cost effective by offering "unbundled" or "itemized" pricing. When you experience "sticker shock" on hearing aid prices, chances are the clinic is using a "bundled" pricing model, where the cost of the hearing aids along with fitting services, future appointments, repairs, etc. are bundled into the total price.
  • At Sound Access, we keep the initial cost lower and you only pay for services as they occur. You may save money in the long-term and it is easier to budget and adjust when you pay for services as needed instead of all at once up front. 

You will need to contact your individual health insurance plan directly to discuss your coverage. 

Do you take insurance?

  • We do not take healthcare insurance at this time.

 Do you work with third party groups for hearing aid coverage (Tru Hearing, Amplifon, etc.)? 

  • We do not currently work with any third party groups. We strive to keep the costs of our hearing aids low, which means you may find a similar or even lower price compared to the discounts offered by this type of "coverage". 


You will need an appointment. We do not accept walk-ins. ​We keep our hours flexible to better suit your schedule, including some evening and weekend availability. For some appointments such as repair drop offs and accessory or universal-fit product purchases, we may be able to accommodate you same day, just call or text to find out. 


Our clinic is in a building that has steps to enter the facility. We are on the first floor and our audiological booth and clinic space are fully accessible, however, the building does have steps for entrance. If you have a mobility disability or impairment that restricts your access into the building of our clinic facility, and you are local to the clinic (within 30 miles of the clinic), we will come to you for mobile visits, for available services, at no additional cost to you. Please contact us and we would be happy to make those arrangements for you. 


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At Sound Access we strive to offer transparent pricing. Schedule an consultation or contact us to get a price quote for any products or services you may be interested in. 

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Custom-fit earpieces, hearing protection, and hearing aid orders typically take 3-4 weeks to arrive. Custom in-ear monitors can take 4-8 weeks. The time it takes orders to come in depends on the manufacturer and shipping services. There are rush options available if you need your order sooner (additional fees apply to rush orders). 


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