custom earpieces

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In addition to hearing protection, musicians earplugs, in-ear monitors, and

hearing aids; we also offer a wide variety of custom earpieces including:

  • custom-fit, solid swim plugs
  • custom-fit swim plugs that allow for hearing communications and your surroundings
  • custom-fit earpiece adapters for communication and IFB headsets
  • custom-fit IFB in-ear monitors
  • custom-fit earpiece adapters for stethoscopes
  • custom-fit anesthesia stethoscope adapters
  • ​custom-fit listening tubes
  • custom-fit earpieces for AirPods
  • custom-fit earpieces for universal-fit in-ear monitors 
  • custom-fit earpieces for universal-fit earphones and earbuds
  • custom-fit headset boom adapters for listening device/boom microphones
  • custom-fit two-way communication systems
  • custom-fit racing receivers. 

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