Stethoscope Custom Adapter

Custom Adapters and communication earpieces

Customize the products you use everyday for improved comfort, fit, and function.

​​​​​Listening tube with a custom-fit earpiece that allows you to listen to someone's custom in-ear monitor or hearing aid. Perfect for monitor engineers to listen to musicians in-ear monitors to help trouble shoot issues.  Used by audiologist, hearing  instrument specialist, parents or caregivers of children with hearing impairment, and caregivers of individuals with cognitive impairment and hearing loss to make sure the hearing aids are functioning properly and to trouble shoot issues. 

​​A full shell earpiece designed to accommodate a combination listening device/boom microphone headset. Compatible with Platronics, MS-Series, the Telex 5x5 Pro Series.

proPhonic tc-100

headset boom adapter

​​​Compatible with most standard stethoscopes. Custom earpieces improve comfort, function, and fit. Also available for stethoscopes for hearing impaired. 

Custom listening tubes​​

​​​​Custom-fit to your ear to improve comfort, retention, and attenuation, this earpiece is comparable  with most communications headsets and IFBs.  Used by broadcast professionals, reporters, radio station staff, and other on air talent as well as law enforcement agencies, security detail, telemarketers, receptionists, and sports team personnel. Traditional skeleton mold styles are available, as well as canal and full-shell styles for improved attenuation in high noise environments. 

ANesthesia Stethoscope custom adapters​​

​​​​Compatible with anesthesia stethoscopes (with an included anodized aluminum earmold adapter and scope tubing) and audiologist listening scopes. Custom earpieces improve comfort, function, and fit. 

Custom Airpod adapters​​

Custom AirPods adapters fit securely in your ears. Adapts Apple AirPod and AirPod Pros into custom earbud to improve comfort, reduce external noise for better sound, and increases retention to stay securely in the ear even when walking, running, or riding.

Improve the fit, comfort, and seal of your universal-fit Shure® in-ear monitors. Made to fit most Shure® universal-fit in-ear monitors.  Contact us to discuss your specific device options.  

Communication custom adapters

In-ear monitor and earphone custom adapters

​Full-isolation interruptible foldback (IFB) in-ear monitors from Sensaphonics are made for broadcasting and teleprompting. The 321 provides 37 dB of broadband isolation from ambient sound, lowering the noise floor so that audio can be understood in even the noisiest environment without raising the volume. Its low profile, custom-molded design allows the 321 to fit perfectly in your ear, and the soft silicone is incredibly comfortable, even during prolonged use. With its near-invisible, Teflon-coated cable, the whole assembly is quite discreet. The 321 is available is compatible with a wide range of intercoms, and can be ordered as single (one ear) or dual-mono (two ears).​​A full shell earpiece designed to accommodate a combination listening device/boom microphone headset. Compatible with Platronics, MS-Series, the Telex 5x5 Pro Series.

321 Custom IFB Earphone

Improve the fit, comfort, and seal of your universal-fit in-ear monitors or earphones. Can be made to fit most universal-fit in-ear monitors, as well as virtually any stock earphones or earbuds. Contact us to discuss your specific device options.  

custom adapters and communication earpieces​​

The ProPhonic TC-1000 from Sensaphonics combines superior two-way communication quality in one custom-molded earpiece. Used by stage directors, lighting techs and directors, and other backstage production personnel. The TC-1000 consists of a lightweight, noise-canceling microphone mounted on a custom molded earpiece. A high-fidelity micro transducer is completely housed within the earpiece to provide maximum isolation. The ear-mounted swivel microphone can be moved both vertically and horizontally for precise placement and maximum noise reduction. 

Designed for crew and on-air talent.
Low-profile custom fit with attached cable allows the earphone to disappear in the ear canal
Industry-leading isolation minimizes ambient sound for clearer audio at lower volumes
Flexible, soft silicone earpiece for a perfect fit and long-wearing comfort
Cable plug is compatible with all popular IFB systems including Telex, ClearCom and Comtek

Frequency: Response 200-6k Hz
​Impedance: 725 ohms @ 1k Hz, 395 ohms @ 500 Hz
Sensitivity: 102dB SPL @ 100 Hz
Distortion: <2%
Cable: 3 ft. male to male extension cable (continuous cable, coiled to ear option available)


Personalize your custom molded earpieces by choosing from a variety of color or color combinations.

(Colors and options vary by manufacture).

SHURE in-ear monitor custom sleeves​​