ReNew® Dryer removes moisture build-up inside and on the surface of in-ear monitors and hearing aids. ReNew Dryer uses a gentle dry heat that does not overheat electronics. Choose between 3 different dry time settings. Features a UV bulb for sanitizing your earpieces. Built in hearing aid battery tester and simple, one-touch operation. Extends the life of in-ear monitors and hearing aids. 

$12.00 (30/box)

$26.00 (100/box)

AfterSwim® water removal strips are safe, fast, and alcohol-free drying strips designed to absorb water inside the ear canal. The flared tip design eliminates the risk of over insertion into the ear. The wicking action removes water from the ear canal. One strip can be used on both ears. 

​Individually Packaged Audio Wipes

Flow Med Dry-Cap UV 2.1 dry box is ideal for all recharageable hearing aids. Flow Med enables drying, hygienic cleaning, and charging at the same time. Dry and clean mode combines fast drying by an efficient air blower and UV-C light. Clean mode starts the UV-C light. Auto shutdown after 2 hours. 


cleaning and care

Audiologist's Choice® hearing aid and earmold cleaner  is specifically formulated to clean and deodorize earpieces, earmolds, and hearing aids. The alcohol-free formula will not harm plastic, acrylic, silicone, or rubber.  


Miracell is a blend of highly concentrated natural plant extracts that relives itchy ears and acts as a lubricant. Stops itching ear, softens earwax, and helps to soothe irritations and sores. 

Audio Wipes


Audiologist's choice hearing aid and earmold cleaner

audiologist's Choice earwax removal system

Flow med hearing aid dryer

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Audio Wipes® contain hospital grade disinfectant that can be used to clean virtually any surface. Alcohol free Audio Wipes® are safe to use on silicone and acrylic earplugs and earpieces, hearing aids, in-ear monitors, headphones, or earphones.

audiologist's Choice earwax removal system

Cleaning and Care​​


Audiologist's Choice® Earwax Removal Drops gently softens and loosens wax for easy removal. Includes 0.5 oz bottle of drops.



​Sound Access offers a selection of cleaning and care products to maintain and extend the life of your earpieces, including hearing aids, earplugs, in-ear monitors, headphones, and more. We also offer products for the care of your ears. 

Miracell Proear


bionix afterswim water removal strips


Contact us to learn more about how to clean earphones, in-ear monitors, earpieces, earplugs, and hearing aids. We offer in-ear monitor, hearing aid, and earplug/earpiece cleaning services. 

$7.00 (2 oz bottle)

$9.00 (4 oz bottle)

Renew dryer



Audiologist's Choice® Earwax Removal System gently softens and loosens wax for easy removal. Includes 0.5 oz bottle of drops and 1 soft rubber bulb syringe.