Ready to experience the comfort of custom-fitted hearing solutions? Schedule an appointment with Sound Access for professional ear mold impression services. 

  • Comfortable Wear: Experience all-day comfort with hearing devices that fit seamlessly into your ear canal.

  • Enhanced Sound Quality: Custom-fitted devices provide better sound quality, enhancing your overall hearing experience.

  • ​Ease of insertion: Custom-fitted devices fit more easily into your ears. The fit is more consistent and secure. 

  • Accurate Attenuation: For hearing protection and in-ear monitors, a custom-fit increases the amount and accuracy of attenuation (volume reduction) of external sounds. For hearing aids, a custom-fit minimizes feedback and external noise.

  • ​Retention: Custom-fitted products fit more securely in your ears, ensuring better retention. 

Ear mold impression services at sound access

At Sound Access we understand the importance of customized hearing solutions. Our ear mold impression services cater to those seeking comfort, precision, and a perfect fit for their hearing devices.

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Our experienced audiologist is skilled in taking accurate and complete ear mold impressions. We capture detailed impressions, ensuring the precision needed for a perfect fit. Every ear is unique, and our ear mold impressions are tailored to your specific ear shape and size.

Thank you for choosing Sound Access for your personalized hearing care. We look forward to providing you with exceptional service.​


Benefits of custom-fit hearing devices

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Ear mold impressions are a crucial step in the creation of custom-fitted hearing aids, earplugs, in-ear monitors, and other hearing devices. These impressions are a mold of your ear canal and outer ear. The molds serve as a template from which custom ear products are built. Expert, high-quality ear impressions ensure a snug and secure fit for your devices.

The Ear Mold Impression Process

1. Consultation:

  • We will start with a detailed case history and consultation with our audiologist to discuss your hearing needs and preferences.

2. Preparation:

  • During the appointment, we use safe, high-quality impression materials to take precise impressions of your ear canal and outer ear.

3. Procedure: 

  • Our audiologist starts by looking in your ears with an otoscope to make sure that the ears are clear and that it is safe to do the impressions. If there is any ear wax and debris we will remove that before taking the impressions.  
  • We then insert a otoblock, either a cotton or foam block, into the ear to protect the ear drum from the impression material. We will look in your ear again with the otoscope to make sure the otoblock fully fills the ear canal and is inserted to the proper depth. 
  • Next, our audiologist will fill the ear canals with impression material. 
  • Once the impression material has cured, our audiologist will gently remove the impressions from your ears. 
  • Finally, we take one more look in your ears. 

4. Assessment of the ear mold impressions:

  • Before we send your ear mold impressions to the manufacturer, we will assess the molds for quality. We make sure the impressions are free of air pockets or voids; that the canal length goes slightly past the second bend; and that all ​landmarks of the outer ear are included in the impression. ​

Ear Mold Impression Cost

Ear Mold Impressions 

Ear Mold Impression Services             $100.00

Why Choose Sound Access for Ear Mold Impressions

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