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Our why is simple: because your hearing matters!

What is music audiology? 

Music audiology is a subspecialty in the field of audiology with emphasis on the care of music industry professionals. Music audiology can include hearing conservation and hearing loss prevention, hearing disorder management, and amplification of hearing loss. Audiologist working in this subspecialty are sometimes called music audiologist. Through continuing education, specialized training, and experience, music audiologist develop additional skills that make them adept at meeting the specific hearing health needs of people in the music industry. 

Who We Serve: We specialize in working with musicians, audio engineers, and music industry professionals, but we enjoy working with anyone who has a passion for sound, a dedication to protecting their hearing, and a commitment to managing any hearing health concerns they may have. 

Mobile Services​

​Our audiologist will travel to you. Venues, rehearsal spaces, studios, offices, or other arrangements can be made for ear mold impressions, product demonstrations, consultations, and even hearing examinations. Serving St. Louis and the surrounding area. Arrangements can also be made for appointments in Springfield, MO. Other locations may be available upon request.(Additional travel fees may apply). 

What is an audiologist? 

"Audiologist are experts who can help prevent, diagnose, and treat hearing and balance disorders for people of all ages. Audiologist provide professional and personalized services to improve persons' involvement in important activities in their lives and better their quality of life. Audiologists can help with managing issues, including: hearing loss, hearing aids/assistive technology, dizziness and balance, hearing screening and testing, noise and hearing loss prevention, and tinnitus." Source: American Speech-Language Hearing Association

Hearing Healthcare - Our Story

Our audiology clinic is in Warson Woods, Missouri, a convenient location to serve those in and around the St. Louis area. ​

​​​​​​Welcome to Sound Access, an audiology practice located in St. Louis, MO.  Sound Access was founded in 2017 by audiologist, Dr. London Gleghorn, with the mission to advocate for hearing loss prevention and to help improve patients' overall hearing health. At Sound Access we create a personalized hearing wellness plan designed specifically to meet your unique listening needs. 


Our who

  • Our how starts with a focus on you. Our audiologist listens to your story and your goals to collaborate with you to create a personalized hearing healthcare plan that will meet your listening needs. 

  • Our audiologist follows best practice guidelines. Best practice guidelines are a set of recommended evidence-based procedures that are created, generally by a governing body, to generate specific, well-defined, positive outcomes. Because we following best practices, you can be confident that you are receiving the highest level of professional, skilled care.     

  • Our audiologist requests that the individuals she works with make an investment in, and commitment to, making their hearing health a priority. In respect of that, our audiologist is committed to investing time and resources toward helping you achieve your hearing health goals. She commits to giving each appointment the time and thoroughness required to provide the highest level of hearing healthcare services.

  • Our audiologist believes that follow-up care is essential for success and she offers continued support for every aspect of product and service delivery she provides.

  • Our audiologist is dedicated to continuing education. She is continuously trying to expand her knowledge base and she endeavors to stay current in aspects of innovative and evidence-based treatments so that she can empower you to make the best decisions for your hearing.​ 

Who We Are: Dr. London Gleghorn is a clinical audiologist. She founded Sound Access with the purpose of promoting hearing health and wellness through education, prevention, and treatment.


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Our why

If you are looking for our hours of operation, you won't find them. Why? Because we keep our hours flexible in order to better suit your schedule, including some evening and weekend availability. You will need an appointment though, we do not accept walk-ins. For some appointments such as repair drop offs, accessory purchases, and universal-fit product purchases, we may be able to accommodate you same day, just call or text to find out. 

Your When

 Your when is now! If you have never had your hearing tested, now is the time. If you are worried that it's too late to save your hearing, it's not! It's never too late to protect your hearing, even if you have sustained hearing loss, you can still protect what you have left. If you do have hearing loss, now is the time to find out what your treatment and management options are. 

Our when

What is hearing healthcare?

Hearing healthcare starts with a relationship with an audiologist, just as you have a dentist for your dental care, and an optometrist for your eye health. One of the most important components of hearing healthcare is hearing testing. You should obtain a baseline hearing test and have your hearing tested annually (or sooner if indicated). Hearing healthcare also includes preventative measures to protect your hearing wellness. If long-term hearing loss or hearing disorders occur, or are already present, hearing healthcare also includes skilled management and treatment. ​