Starkey® Racing Receiver

Jerry Harvey Audio®  Motorcycle Modification Select JH Audio in-ear monitor models can be modified to better fit under a motorcycle helmet so you can enjoy JH quality sound while you ride. By terminating the cable at the bottom of the earphone, JH can offer a lower profile fit and easier cable management, so you can ride easy knowing your earphones won't snag on your helmet.  Ask about custom colors.


Select Sensaphonics®  in-ear monitors can be modified to better fit under a motorcycle helmet so you can enjoy Sensaphonics quality sound and exceptional fit and retention while you ride. Ask about custom colors.


motorsport EARPIECES

Sensaphonics® e-Racer 500 represents the cutting edge in race team communications. Used by all drivers in the Indy Racing League (IRL), Infiniti Pro Series and Champ Cart (CART) series, it is the premier communication device in the racing industry. e-Racer 500 is made of a super soft gel silicone, providing the highest degree of safety, comfort, and isolation from the intense sound levels on the track. 

Frequency Response: 200-6k Hz; Impedance: 725 ohms @ 1k Hz, 395 ohms at 500 Hz; Sensitivity: 102 dB SPL @ 100 Hz; Distortion: <2% @ 800 Hz; Max Power Output: 104 dB SPL; Limited manufacturer warranty; custom cable lengths available

Sensaphonics®  e-Racer 500

Sensaphonics®  Motorcylce Motification

Sound Access offers custom earpieces that allow motorcyclists to run the open road, let race car drivers communicate with their pit crews, and music lovers hear exactly what they want to hear comfortably under helmets without ear-wrenching volume. 

Westone® Racing Headset RH1 offer a modular earpiece and cable solution that provides clear and intelligible communications for use in racing environments. The modular design works with most racing radio headsets and provides hearing protection for the driver from engine noise. Features: Modular right and left single-driver speakers modules, designed to work in high-noise environments, durable 21" braided cable with 35 mm mono plug; 1 pair custom-fit silicone earpieces. 

ER•20®XS Motorsport

DefendEar® Motorsport Earplugs


 Etymotic Research ER•20®XS Motorsport Earplugs offer universal-fit hearing protection and come with three interchangeable pairs of ear tip options. With advanced filter technology in the earpiece, communication is clear while hearing is protected. Featuring a stem-less design, with a low profile, the earplugs are particularly comfortable to wear under hats and helmets.  Ideal for motorsports and track racing enthusiasts.

LifePlugsTM Riders by Microsonic® help reduce noise fatigue while riding and provide clarity to sounds around you by dampening certain frequencies more than others. You can wear them to ride, but also anywhere it is loud (think restaurants, bars, music events...). Soft silicone comfortable to wear under your helmet and for all day wear. 

Jerry Harve Audio®  Motorcylce Motification

LifePlugsTM Riders

DefendEar Motorsport Earplugs by Westone® offer a hollow attenuation. Designed primarily for motorcyclists to wear under a helmet to reduce wind buffeting.

Westone® Racing Headset RH1

Starkey® Racing Receivers are used by amateur and professional drivers who demand quality one-way listening communication. The custom design and silicone material allows for maximum comfort and durability and provides excellent sound suppression underneath any racing helmet. Available in full shell and half shell styles and comes standard with 18" cord length on a mono 1/8 inch jack plug. Stereo jack plugs are also available upon request. Ask about custom colors. Single Balanced Armature Drivers; Impedance:: 670 ohms @ 1k Hz; Sensitivity: 122 @ 1k Hz