In-Ear Monitors

We have universal-fit demos of our musician in-ear monitors so you can try before you buy. We also have custom in-ear monitor models so you can see what your finished monitors will look like. New to in-ears: we offer consultations and expert advise to get you started. 




Why use in-ear monitors?

  • ​Freedom of movement
  • No need to lug around wedge monitors
  • Improved sound quality
  • Consistency among venues
  • Less temporal distortion
  • Reduced vocal fatique
  • When used responsibly, reduced risk of hearing loss
  • Enhanced music enjoyment with personal listening devices

Are in-ear monitors just for musicians?

In-ear monitors are not just for musicians! They are for anyone who wants a superior listening experience and they traditionally come with a standard earphone jack to use with your personal listening device. Custom in-ear monitors are great for individuals for whom universal ear tips don't fit well, for those with an active lifestyles who experience difficulty with universal-fit ear tips falling out, or for anyone who wants more comfort, function, and superior sound quality out of their earphones.