Your ears are the most important piece of gear you'll ever invest in.

  • ​You will work with a licensed and certified doctor of audiology every time and you can be confident that you are getting skilled, professional service. 
  • We value you in the process of developing a hearing wellness and hearing improvement plan that will meet your needs and goals.  We believe in giving you all your available options and empowering you with the information you need so that you can make the right choices for your hearing health. 
  • We are committed to giving each appointment the time and thoroughness required to provide the highest level of hearing healthcare service. Our audiologist follows best practice guidelines, offering comprehensive care. 
  • We believe that follow-up care is vital for success and our audiologist offers continued support for every aspect of product and service delivery we provide.
  •  Our audiologist specializes in working with musicians, audio engineers, and other audio professionals. We have experience in helping you prevent hearing injury so you can maintain and protect your most valuable piece of gear-your ears. If long-term hearing injury has occurred, our audiologist has knowledge and experience in helping you treat and manage your unique listening needs.

​In today's noisy world, we are all exposed to loud sounds. Regardless of how you are exposed, or what type of sound you are exposed to, Sound Access has the perfect hearing protection solution to meet your personal listening needs. 

Our audiologist strives to manage and treat your hearing loss with the focus on you and your unique listening needs. We believe investing in better hearing is worth it and we want to help you restore your passion for sound. 


Your Hearing Matters

Sound Access Audiology

Protecting and conserving your hearing is vitally important. Our audiologist can fit you with devices to protect your hearing and we counsel you on safe listening practices for a lifetime of sound enjoyment. 

Are you doing damage to your hearing? ​Check out our resources to find out how your hearing works, learn more about your risk of hearing injury from loud sounds, and understand the types and causes of hearing loss. 


​​​​​Your hearing health is an essential part of your life. Your hearing connects you with others, allows you to experience music, and lets you enjoy everyday sounds. Our goal is to provide awareness of the dangers to your hearing wellness and to help you manage or eliminate those dangers to avoid hearing injury and loss. If you do sustain hearing injury, we want to support you in your journey from coping with hearing loss to thriving with hearing loss.


Is sound access the right fit for you?


Sound Access offers options for managing hearing loss, including hearing aids and sound amplification for hearing enhancement. Our audiologist believes in a personalized and custom approach to returning your passion for sound. 

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​​​​​​​Sound Access audiologist and founder, Dr. London Gleghorn, has a passion for preventative healthcare.  She started Sound Access with the mission to advocate for hearing loss prevention and to improve patients' overall hearing health. London is committed to providing the highest quality of expertise and services, striving to exceed expectations, because she believes that investing in your hearing health is worth it. London enjoys working with people who have a passion for sound, especially music. She values taking the time and getting to know the people she works with. 

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Sound Access is an audiology practice devoted to hearing wellness. We recognize the importance of a personalized hearing wellness plan to promote your hearing health and meet your unique listening needs. 

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  • Evening and weekend appointments are available. 
  • Mobile appointments are available.​

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Have you ever had your hearing tested? Even if you do not suspect that you have hearing loss, getting your hearing tested annually is an important component of taking care of your hearing health. 

Sound Access offers a variety of sound monitoring options for the stage and studio, making it easy to find the perfect in-ear monitor for you. Not just for musicians, in-ear monitors can unlock the potential of your personal listening devices. 


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