Westone Audio History

1959 Starts manufacturing custom-fit earpieces

1985 Introduces the first custom-fit earpiece for “Walkman” style earbuds

1990 First to use balanced armature drivers in custom-fit earpieces for musician in-ear monitors

1991 Starts working with Rush and Def Leppard to provide custom-fit musician in-ear monitors

1995 Collaborates with Jerry Harvey to design and produce Ultimate Ears by Westone

1996 Ultimate Ears by Westone
 introduces the first custom dual driver in-ear monitor

1997 Designs first balanced armature universal-fit in-ear monitor for Shure

1999 Creates the first universal-fit dual driver in-ear monitor for Shure

2002-2004 Westone
 introduces its own in-ear monitor product line

2008 Introduces the first three way earphones designed for personal listening

2016 Introduces the first universal-fit passive ambient in-ear monitors

2017 Introduces ambient technology with interchangeable filters in custom-fit in-ear monitors.

2018 Launches first ever High-Resolution Bluetooth Cable

2020 Westone Audio is acquired by Lucid Audio.

Reference: Westone Audio®  https://westoneaudio.com/about-us/

Westone Audio In-ear Monitor Technologies

Balanced Armature Drivers
Operating on different functional principles than traditional dynamic, moving coil drivers, balanced armature (BA) drivers are significantly more compact and efficient, allowing for more comfortable, electronically sensitive, and sonically accurate end results.  Westone® implements sophisticated 2-way and 3-way multi-BA driver configurations to further enhance detail and extend the frequency response range well beyond typical in-ear solutions. 

Custom-Fit Technology
Fully custom earpieces are cast, sculpted, and polished by hand from impressions of your ears. Custom-Fit technology offers the best comfort, fit, and acoustic seal.

Cold Pour Acrylic
As an alternative to most curing techniques, earpiece housing are cold-poured in acrylic which results in a thicker, more resilient and solid acoustic enclosure. Expect increased durability, a more controlled response, and a lustrous appearance. 

Acoustic Symmetry
Left and right earpiece responses are matched to an extraordinarily tight +/- 2 dB tolerance, delivering unparalleled balance and accuracy of sound-stage reproduction.

Dual Bore
Typically, multi-driver in-ear monitors have a single-bored sound port, meaning the output from each driver will acoustically sum inside the earpiece housing. With Dual Bore technology, the high and low frequency sound components are individually channeled through two passages in the sound port. This allows high and low frequency inputs to sum within the ear canal, emulating the more natural phenomenon of live acoustic summation. The result is a more convincing transition between frequency ranges and is audibly more natural.

Flex Canal
A body temperature-reactive, semisoft earpiece canal additive, Flex Canal’s unique properties allow the canal portion of the earpiece to remain firm at room temperature for ease of insertion and then soften at body temperature, allowing for increased comfort and acoustic seal for incredible noise isolation.

EPIC® Removal Cable
The Earphone Precision Interface Cable (EPIC) is constructed of bifurcated, high-flexibility, ultra-low resistance tinsel wire and reinforced with a special aramid fiber usually reserved for ballistic-rated body armor. The robust, braided design resists tangles, while an integrated slider keeps your earphones in place during activity. EPIC’s over-the-ear cable design also offers superior in-ear comfort and isolation from mechanical cable noise. Available MMCX Audio
, CX-Audio, and legacy 2-pin connectors.

Replaceable Filter Technology
® puts you in control of your ambient experience with the Elite Ambient Series. Using in-ear monitors with replaceable filters allows you to pick your level of attenuation with 10dB, 16dB, or 24dB filters as well as the included 27dB solid plug.

SLED Technology
®’s exclusive SLED technology combines passive ambient sound with the monitor mix and gives you control of your musical environment. Enjoy full-range frequency response from your in-ear monitor signal, hear and feel your surroundings, and engage with fellow performers and your audience like never before. 

Westone custom in-ear monitors offer excellent  noise isolation, limiting ambient noise-critical for performing musicians and audiophiles. This ability to block outside sounds enhances the listening experience and allows for lower listening levels reducing the potential for hearing damage. 

Reference: Westone®  https://www.westone.com/store/music/index.php/westone-technology

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