DefendEar AquaNots and Neon-Lite Swim Plugs are not just for the water, they also offer effective hearing protection! Offering a high level of sound attenuation which provides hearing protection in high noise environments, including protection from boat and jet ski motor noise.   

​Choose from thousands of color combinations.

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Available in Shiny and Matte Finishes, or with Westone's slick-sil® anti-microbial coating

Sound Access offers custom-fit earplugs for swimming, water skiing, kayaking, tubing, surfing, water exercise, and more. Designed to keep your ears dry and prevent water related problems such as swimmer's ear.

Also ideal for showers and bathing and great for use with children with pressure equalization tubes in their ears.


Neon-Lite Swim Plugs by Microsonic® are made of a floatable material and are hypoallergenic. Designed to prevent water from entering the ear canal to prevent infection and keep ears dry, Neon-Lite plugs also permit hearing instructions and conversation. 

DefendEar Swimmer earpieces aren't just for summer sport. They also offer excellent protection from cold weather. DefendEar Swimmers can be used for all cold weather activities, including skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, or any outdoor activity where prolonged exposure to the cold is uncomfortable. With the sound channel and membrane window, you can still understand speech while keeping your ears warm and dry.


DefendEar AquaNots by Westone® are made of a floatable material and are designed to prevent water from entering the ear canal to prevent infection and keep ears dry. Featuring a built-in removal "nub".

DefendEar Swimmers by Westone® are made of a floatable material and are molded with a sealed membrane spanning a sound channel that keeps water and air out of the ear canal but allows for conversation and hearing. Designed to prevent surfer's ear and swimmer's ear. Perfect for children taking swim lessons who need to hear the instructor or competitive swimmers who need to maintain hearing during practices and meets. 


DefendEar® AuquaNot


not just for the water 


DefendEar® Swimmers

​Choose from a variety of colors or Swirl up to 3 colors together  to customize  your Defendear earplugs


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Neon-Lite® Swim Plugs