DefendEar® Industrial Earplugs

Small color options 


recreation and professional hearing protection

Ask about the glow-in-the-dark option. 

Sound Defenders Double Damped Earplugs by Microsonic® offer filtered hearing protection. These custom molded earplugs are ideal for any noisy situation and perfect for impact noise. Choose either: Double Damped "A" with an NRR of 11 dB, Mean 26 dB, Attenuation up to 31 dB OR Double Damped "B" with an NRR of 19 dB, Mean 30 dB, Attenuation up to 42 dB. 

Option of detachable cloth or plastic lanyard available. 

ER•20®XS High Fidelity Earplugs

DefendEar Industrial Earplugs by Westone offer hearing protection that allows for  face-to-face communication with an NRR of 21 dB and a detachable cord that converts the earpiece into a solid sound plug with a  NRR 28 dB. Ideal for industrial environments with a wide ranging amount of noise exposure.

Music Earplugs Etymotic Research® Filters Average Attenuation Chart

ER9: 9 dB sound reduction in low-mid range frequencies and 15 dB in the high frequencies 

ER15: uniform average 15 dB attenuation across frequencies

​ER25: relatively flat average 25 dB  sound reduction across frequencies 


JH Filtered Earplugs

Custom Sleep Earplugs are custom molded earplugs for sleeping designed to promote comfort and uninterrupted sleep. Great for traveling, shift workers, college dorms, roommates, and credited for saving many a relationship. NRR 25 dB, Mean Attenuation 39 dB. 



LifePlugs Everyday Earplugs by Microsonic® tone down the auditory disturbances of life, yet allow for an organic listening experience. These custom molded earplugs are ideal for moderate to high noise activities and environments. NRR 17 dB, Mean Attenuation 35 dB. Option of detachable cloth or plastic lanyard available. 


Large color options 


​Sound Access offers a wide variety of custom and universal-fit hearing protection

devices for all of your recreational and professional hearing protection needs.

Sound Defenders Double Damped Earplugs

ER•200 Personal Noise Dosimeter can be used to measure your level of noise exposure. The ER•200 can be used to measure the noise level at discrete times or continuously over time for a more accurate estimate of risk. Portable and easy to use the ER•200 offers 2 modes of operation, Quick Check (2 minute test calculates noise dose per hour) and Normal (continuously measures noise up to 16 hours). Or upgrade to the ER•200DW8  with USB Data Logging.

DefendEar® Filtered Earplugs

Etymotic Research ETY•Plugs® Earplugs offer universal-fit, high-fidelity hearing protection, reducing sound approximately 20 dB across frequencies. Using a tuned resonator and acoustic resistor to replicate the natural response of the ear canal, the earplugs reduce sound loudness without changing sound quality. Choose from large or small ear tips. 


Music Earplugs


Industrial half-shell option.


Solid Earplugs

Faceplate Design Soft Custom Earplugs


TRU Custom Filter Specifications

WM10  Average Attenuation 14 dB; NRR 2

WM16 Average Attenuation 18 dB; NRR 10

WM20 Average Attenuation 21 dB; NRR 13

WM25 Average Attenuation 24 dB; NRR 15


JH Filtered Earplugs by Jerry Harvey Audio® offer filtered hearing protection with 4 interchangeable filter options for different levels of attenuation: 10, 15, 20, and 25 dB. Sound quality is clear and natural but not muffled.

DefendEar Filtered Earplugs by Westone® offer hearing protection that allows for face-to-face verbal communication. These custom molded earplugs are ideal for light to moderate noise activities and environments.

Recreational Earplugs from Sound Access offer universal-fit, acoustic filter hearing protection that has been tuned to reduce volume while maintaining sound quality across the sound frequency spectrum. Hearing is protected while communication remains clear. Comes with standard and large ear tips, storage canister, and 15 dB filters.


TRU Custom Earplugs


Industrial Metal Detectable option makes both the earpiece and cord metal detectable for the food industry.

Faceplate Design Soft Custom Earplugs by Jerry Harvey Audio® offer solid hearing protection. The body of these custom molded earplugs are made from a soft silicone for comfort and maximum hearing protection, but you can choose from a variety of color and design options to personalize the acrylic faceplate of the earplugs. ​ Comes standard with attached lanyard, can request no lanyard.

Industrial Comm option allows connection to kit type radios.

Custom Sleep Earplugs 

Filtered hearing protection allows the listener to hear clearly at safer listening levels without compromising sound quality.

TRU Custom Earplugs by Westone® offer low-profile, filtered hearing protection with 4 interchangeable filter options for different levels of attenuation: WM10, WM16, WM20, WM25 (see specifications below). Custom molded earplugs ideal for concerts, sporting events, movie theaters, airline travel and flight attendants, nightclubs, bar tenders, waitresses, and for anyone who needs maintained sound quality at a reduced volume.

DefendEar Convertible Earplugs by Westone® offer hearing protection that allows for face-to-face communication with a detachable cord that converts the earpiece into a solid plug. These custom molded earplugs are ideal for activities and environments with a variable amount of noise exposure.

Full-shell option available.


Etymotic Research ER•20®XS High Fidelity Earplugs offer universal-fit hearing protection. Using a tuned resonator and acoustic resistor to replicate the natural response of the ear canal, the earplugs reduce sound levels approximately 20 dB evenly across the frequency range without changing the sound quality. Choose from standard or large ear tips.


Sound Access Recreational Earplugs

Solid Earplugs offer a high level of noise reduction. These custom molded earplugs are ideal for high noise activities and environments.

(Option of attached cord and/or removal "handles" and/or lanyards available).


Music Earplugs, also known as Musicians Earplugs, offer high-fidelity hearing protection with 4 interchangeable Etymotic Research® filter options for different levels of attenuation: 9 dB, 15 dB, 25 dB, and solid adaptor (see specifications below). Custom molded earplugs ideal for concerts, musicians, music teachers, audio engineers, DJs, and for anyone who needs to hear accurately in noisy environments. Available ear mold manufacturers:  Sensaphonics®, Microsonic®,  or Westone®. 

LifePlugs® Everyday Earplugs

DefendEar® Convertible Earplugs


ER•200 Personal Noise Dosimeter


Personalize your custom molded earplugs by choosing from a variety of color or color combinations. 

(Colors and options vary by manufacture).