Purchase policies

Return Policy Product(s) may not be returned after the receipt of the product(s) by the Buyer. Replacement or exchange of product(s) will be completed if the product(s) are defective and the requirements of the product(s)'s warranty are met. 

Sound Access reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Policies at any time without notice. 

We appreciate your business!

Payment Policy  Payment is required from the Buyer to Sound Access at the time an order is placed and/or at the time any services are rendered unless exclusion, at the sole discretion of an official representative of Sound Access, is otherwise expressed by the representative. For products delivered by certified mail, title and risk of loss in all goods sold hereunder shall pass to Buyer upon Seller’s delivery to carrier at shipping point. The order is not final until approved and accepted by the home office of Sound Access. All prices are subject to change without notice. 

Sound Access accepts the following types of payment:

Visa, Master, Discover, American Express, Zelle, check, or cash. 

Product Warranties 


Sound Access warrants to the Buyer that for a period of 30 days from the delivery of the product(s) to the Buyer, the product(s) will conform with the product(s)'s published specifications furnished with the product(s). This warranty is in lieu of all others warranties, expressed or implied, including without limitations, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. This warranty shall be void if (1) product(s) have been tampered with, modified, abused, neglected, or improperly used, or (2) product(s) have been damaged for reasons beyond Sound Access's control. Sound Access is not responsible for use of the product(s) in combination with other goods not provided by and/or authorized by Sound Access. 


 Except for the warranty expressly stated herein, Sound Access makes no representation, warranty or guarantee whatsoever, expressed or implied, oral or in writing, with respect to the product(s). Any loss, damage or expense directly or indirectly arising from the Buyer shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer. Sound Access has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for warranties or practices expressed or implied, of any third party product(s) or service(s). This shall include third party warranties or practices informed to the Buyer by Sound Access and shall include third party warranties or service(s) for which Sound Access assists the Buyer in pursuing and any fees assessed with such shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

Defective Products

Sound Access's obligations, and Buyer's exclusive remedy under this agreement, shall be the repair or replacement of the product(s), which meet the warranties set forth in the above section under the heading "Warranties". Sound Access shall make such repairs, arrangements for repair, or replacement as necessary to bring the product(s) in conformance with the published specifications furnished with the product(s), provided (1) the warranty is not excluded, (2) the Buyer promptly notifies Sound Access of the failure within the specified warranty period, (3) the defective product(s) are returned to Sound Access with any assessed transportation charges prepaid by the Buyer, and (4) Sound Access's examination of the product(s) shall disclose its satisfaction that the said defects exists and Sound Access must be able to reproduce such defects in the product(s). Sound Access reserves the right to change the warranty provisions at its sole discretion at any time with or without prior notification of such change. 

Cancellation Policy Orders may not be cancelled after the order for the product(s) is received by Sound Access unless Sound Access consents in writing to such cancellation. Cancellation will be granted only on terms indemnifying Sound Access against any loss resulting from such action and on such terms determined by Sound Access. At minimum, the Buyer will be liable for all costs incurred on the order of the product(s) through the cancellation date.