Music•PRO® Electronic Earplugs

Pulse®  Electronic Attenuators are interchangeable with with the filters of your Music Earplugs giving you the option of active, digital hearing enhancement and protection. Pulse Electronic Attenuators reduce impact noise to a safe level of 85 dB and provide up to 16 dB gain with 3 gain levels. 

Music Earplugs



Pulse® Electronic Attenuators


Large color options 

Sound Access Filtered Earplugs

ER•20®XS High Fidelity Earplugs


Music Earplugs, also known as Musicians Earplugs, offer high-fidelity hearing protection specifically designed for listening to loud music. 

Using filtered attenuation, Music Earplugs allow the wearer to hear accurately but at reduced levels.


Etymotic Research®  Filters are interchangeable giving you the option to choose the best attenuation for a variety listening situations. Choose from 3 different levels of attenuation:  9 dB, 15 dB, 25 dB and 5 different colors: clear, beige, brown, red, or blue. (Music Earplugs come with your choose of one filter and additional filters can be purchased separately).


Amplification Levels

Memory 1: 6 dB gain

Memory 2: 12 dB gain

Memory 3: 16 dB gain


Filtered Earplugs from Sound Access offer universal-fit, acoustic filter technology that has been tuned to reduce volume while maintaining sound quality. Hearing is protected while music and speech remain clear. Comes with standard and large ear tips, storage canister, and 15 dB filters.


Music•PRO® Electronic Earplugs from Etymotic Research offer universal-fit, digital hearing protection designed for musicians. Music•PRO® has two modes of operation using a dual mode switch. Natural Hearing mode allows for natural hearing while providing 15 dB of automatic hearing protection when noise exceeds safe levels and Enhanced Hearing mode which amplifies ambient noise with 6 dB gain and providing 9 dB automatic hearing protection when noise exceeds safe levels. 

Etymotic Research ER•20®XS High Fidelity Earplugs offer universal-fit hearing protection. Using a tuned resonator and acoustic resistor to replicate the natural response of the ear canal, the earplugs reduce sound levels approximately 20 dB evenly across the frequency range without changing the sound quality. Choose from standard or large ear tips.

Musicians Earplugs Etymotic Research® Filters Average Attenuation Chart

ER9: 9 dB sound reduction in low-mid range frequencies and 15 dB in the high frequencies 

ER15: uniform average 15 dB attenuation across frequencies

​ER25: relatively flat average 25 dB sound reduction across frequencies 


Small color options 


Music Earplugs, or Musicians Earplugs, use filters that allow the listener to hear clearly at safer listening levels without compromising sound quality.

Etymotic Research ETY•Plugs® Earplugs offer universal-fit, high-fidelity hearing protection, reducing sound approximately 20 dB across frequencies. Using a tuned resonator and acoustic resistor to replicate the natural response of the ear canal, the earplugs reduce sound loudness without changing sound quality. Choose from large or small ear tips. 

Custom sleeve option, made to fit your ear for a secure fit with maximum isolation.

Additional fees apply.



Solid Adapter You can turn your Music Earplugs into solid hearing protection with solid adapters that fit in place of the filters. Choose from 3 color options: clear, tan, or black.

"Your ears are the most important piece of gear you'll ever invest in."

Music Earplugs, also known as Musicians Earplugs, are custom made to fit your ears. Music Earplugs offer high-fidelity attenuation with 4 interchangeable Etymotic Research® filter options for different levels of attenuation:  9 dB, 15 dB, 25 dB, and solid adaptor (see specifications below). The richness of the music is preserved and speech remains clear while hearing is protected. Choose from a variety of earpiece colors or color combinations to customize your Music Earplugs.

(Colors vary by manufacture). Available ear mold manufacturers:  Sensaphonics® , Microsonic®, Westone®.