Industrial Duo Convertible Earplugs offers the benefits of Industrial Filtered Convertible Earplugs in a half-shell option.

Sound Access offers a range of custom-fit industrial hearing protection featuring repeatable attenuation, 

situation appropriate hearing protection, individualized fit for maximal comfort, and cost effectiveness. 

Ideal for all industrial environments, construction, heavy equipment operations, and professional lawn care services. ​

Industrial hearing protection

Industrial Filtered Earplugs

Industrial Max Earplugs offer the maximum attenuation of any custom hearing protection earpiece available at Sound Access with an NRR of 29 dB. Ideal for high noise industrial environments. Comes with attached cord.

Industrial Max Earplugs


ER•200 Personal Noise Dosimeter


Industrial Filtered Convertible Earplugs offer hearing protection that allows for  face-to-face communication with an NRR of 21 dB and a detachable cord that converts the earpiece into a solid sound plug with a  NRR 28 dB. Ideal for industrial environments with a wide ranging amount of noise exposure.

​Choose from a variety of colors or Swirl up to 3 colors together  to customize  your Industrial Hearing Protection

Sound Access industrial style, custom-fit hearing protection earpieces come standard with Westone's Slick-Sil® AM (Anti-Microbial) bonded coating that is proven to be 99.9% effective against bacteria, germs, and other pathogens. Slick-Sil® AM also provides a low-friction surface finish for significantly easier insertion of silicone earpieces. 

​*Excludes similar styles not explicitly packaged as Industrial Hearing Protection. Additional fees may apply for other earpiece styles. Excludes all universal-fit products. 

ER•200 Personal Noise Dosimeter can be used to measure your level of noise exposure. The ER•200 can be used to measure the noise level at discrete times or continuously over time for a more accurate estimate of risk. Portable and easy to use the ER•200 offers 2 modes of operation, Quick Check (2 minute test calculates noise dose per hour) and Normal (continuously measures noise up to 16 hours). Or upgrade to the ER•200DW8  with USB Data Logging.

Industrial Filtered Earplugs half-shell option

Industrial Convertible Metal Detectable option makes both the earpiece and cord metal detectable for the food industry.


Industrial Filtered Convertible Earplugs

Industrial Convertible Comm option allows connection to kit type radios, while also providing NRR of 21 (NRR 28 when comm port is closed)

Industrial Filtered Earplugs offer attenuation with an NRR of 21 dB. Ideal for light to moderate noise situations while allowing for face-to-face communication and situational awareness.