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Why use in-ear monitors?

  • ​Freedom of movement
  • No need to lug around wedge monitors
  • Improved sound quality
  • Consistency among venues
  • Less temporal distortion
  • Reduced vocal fatique
  • When used responsibly, reduced risk of hearing loss
  • Enhanced music enjoyment with personal listening devices

Proud to offer  JERRY HARVEY AUDIO® Musician in-ear monitors

Do In-Ear Monitors Protect My Hearing?

With a proper isolating seal and when used correctly, custom in-ear monitors (IEMs) offer excellent ambient isolation that allows for lower listening levels and some noise attenuation; however, you are ultimately in charge of how loud you listen and IEMs are capable of being just as damaging as floor wedges. 


  • Know how loud you're listening-ask us about safe listening levels and how we can help you find out just how loud you have your in-ear monitors turned up. 
  • Re-train your ears-if you have been listening to floor wedges at a certain volume, the tendency is to turn the IEMs up to that same, usually unsafe, level, so you'll need to re-train your ears to listen at lower levels. 
  • Wear both earpieces-taking out one earpiece negates any isolation you would have had for that ear and, in order to compensate, it tends to lead to raising the volume on the earpieces that is still in.
  • Use a compressor/limiter to protect against bursts of feedback and RF transition hits.
  • Be aware of how the monitor mix and your monitoring system impacts the use of your in-ear monitors. 
  • The more isolation, the less need to turn the volume up and the more attenuation of ambient sounds.  The deeper the in-ears sit in the ear canal the greater isolation. Custom-fit in-ear monitors will provide better isolation and silicone ear pieces provide more isolation than acrylic. 

Contact us for more tips and with your questions, Dr. Gleghorn would be happy to consult with you regarding safe listening practices.

"Your ears are the most important piece of gear you'll ever invest in." 


Proud to offer westone® Musician in-ear monitors



We have universal-fit demos of our musician in-ear monitors so you can try before you buy. We also have custom in-ear monitor models so you can see what your finished monitors will look like. New to in-ears: we offer consultations and expert advise to get you started. 

Musician In-ear monitors

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​​Are in-ear monitors just for musicians?

In-ear monitors are not just for musicians! They are for anyone who wants a superior listening experience and they traditionally come with a standard earphone jack to use with your personal listening device. Custom in-ear monitors are great for individuals for whom universal ear tips don't fit well, for those with an active lifestyles who experience difficulty with universal-fit ear tips falling out, or for anyone who wants more comfort, function, and superior sound quality out of their earphones.