3DME Custom Tour IEM System

3D Active Ambient earphones

Binaural microphone system embedded in the earpieces

Full-range dual drivers provide reference-quality sound without crossover distortion 

Subcompact, USB-rechargeable body pack mixer that connects to your monitor mix 

​Ambient earphones handle audio peaks up to 135 dB without distortion

App connects to 3DME bodypack to your iOS or Android device using Bluetooth

Selectable ambience level, with left, right adjusted together or separately

​Limiter threshold setting helps reduce risk of hearing injury through overexposure to loud sound

Onboard Sensaphonics Audio Seal Test to ensure full seal and perfect IEM fit

​Multiband frequency equalization of the reproduced sound, with left, right adjusted together or separately

​Selectable bypassing of all Monitor signal processing, for unimpeded outboard control

Selectable CROS connection for unilateral hearing loss

Body pack provides ambient levels up/down buttons, programmed for step-wise or pre-selected levels 

Body pack has rechargeable LI-ion battery and Bluetooth interface

Body pack provides LED indication of battery state-of-charge, charging status, and USB power


Available dual or quad balanced armature configuration.

Custom Silicone Sleeves for 3DME

Welcome to the next generation of in-ear monitor technology: Music Enhancement. The complete 3DME BTG2 System uses Active Ambient earphones with embedded binaural microphones to create 3D spatial awareness via a compact, rechargeable belt pack mixer with Bluetooth control. The free ASI Audio 3DME BTG2 app provides access to powerful onboard sound sculpting tools like 7-band EQ and limiter control. Use your smartphone or tablet to wirelessly create a truly customized in-ear monitoring experience, allowing you to blend the on-stage sound of your amp, the audience, and ambient surroundings with your monitor mix. Used without a monitor feed, 3DME BTG2 becomes a flexible high fidelity earplug system, with customized sound signature and active level control. Create a library of personal presets for easy future recall; very convenient when gigging in multiple projects and widely varying venue types. This all-in-one personal audio monitory system will help you perform better and really enjoy playing live. 


Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20k Hz
Microphone Input Overload: 135 dB SPL

Maximum Output: 122 dB SLP

Monitor Sensitivity, 500 Hz: 102 dB SLP for -20 dBV input

Monitory Input Impedance; 10 kOhm

Acoustic Insertion gain: Off, -24 dB to +12 dB in 16 steps

Limiter Threshold: 76 dB to 104 dB in 8 steps and Off

Multiband EQ: +/-12 dB at 60, 140, 330, 770, 1800, 4300, 10000 Hz

Operating Time:  ~8 hours

Charge Time: ~5 hours (fully depleted battery)

Accessories Included
3DME BTG2 In-Ear Monitors 

3 pairs foam eartips: S, M, L (universal-fit)

Bodaypack with lithium ion battery

Stereo jumper cable

USB bodypack charging cable

Wall Charger

Carrying Case

Earpiece cleaning tool

​Shirt Clip