3D AARO Single Driver with Bodypack Mixer 

Starting at $2000.00

Custom-fit orders require ear mold impressions. Schedule an appointment with our audiologist to get your ear mold impressions for free when you order with Sound Access.

3D AARO Dual Driver with Bodypack Mixer

Starting at $2500.00

3d aaro In-ear monitors

The 3D Active Ambientin-ear monitor system and earphones are designed to work alongside with existing wireless in-ear monitor systems allowing you to hear your usual monitor mix while adding a user-selectable amount of onstage ambient sound-all while keeping your ears acoustically sealed. The 3D system is designed to solve the two biggest problems associated with conventional in-ear monitoring: the need to hear others speak directly on stage and the desire to hear crowd reaction. This is accomplished by incorporating tiny microphones within the earpieces to pick up ambient sound and adding that ambience into the in-ear monitor mix in a controlled fashion. The microphones are positioned and equalized to pick up sound exactly as your ears would, forming a binaural system that retains directional cues, wideband fidelity, and natural dynamic range. 

​A compact bodypack mixes the audio from an in-ear monitor system with the ambience from the 3D microphones. A simple 2-position switch on the bodypack allows you to choose between "Performance" and "Full Ambient" modes. Typically, Performance mode is used while playing songs and Full Ambient mode is used in between songs. The 3D bodypack features two external control switches-a recessed power switch and an easy-access toggle for switching between modes. A set of 5 LED lights show operating conditions at a glance. Inside the bodypack houses a 9V alkaline battery and four controls: 1. 10 dB "Bass Boost" switch, 2. Earphones switch (to set compatibility with single or dual driver versions), 3. Limiter on/off switch (105 dB limiter, independently on Mic Level and Monitor Level), 4. Rotary Ambient Level control (to set the amount of Performance Mode ambient sound). 

The bodypack also includes a microphone output, or "Record Out" for easy binaural recording or when combined with an external compressor and/or equalizer, the microphone output can be used to create an on-stage "hearing aid" for musicians with hearing loss. The 3D bodypacks can also be modified with CROS option for musicians with unilateral hearing loss.